Returns and Refund

As a customer you have the right to return the products that you find an issue with.

Despite our best efforts some products might slip out of quality control. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and are open to receive your feedback and complaint to work on rectifying the issue.

Unfortunately some products might not be eligible for return or refund due to quality and hygienic  reasons. Kindly check with us via whatsapp or email if the product you'd like to return is eligible for refund. 

We'll be happy to assist you regarding returns and refunds under the following conditions: If the product's package is damaged on arrival, product's expiry date/best before date has passed, Incorrect weight/color/variant of the ordered product received, mistakenly ordered more quantity and vegetables spoiled on arrival.

Please note that the product should be in unopened condition with the original packaging. Spoiled vegetables, quickly perishable products and produce items must be returned within 24hrs of arrival with email or WhatsApp confirmation.  Other factory packaged products has to be returned within 7 days of arrival. 

You can return the product either by visiting our warehouse at Bakkenzuigerstraat 46, 1333HA, Almere between 3-6pm Monday to Friday or send it in mail (Postage paid by the sender).

Upon email / whatsapp confirmation we will refund your money within 2-3 working days.